Sky News, Sun News

What news are you listening to?
Is it a disembodied voice bouncing fear and anger
from a rusting satellite dish destined
to join the cloud of space junk in the stratosphere?
Is it sky news or Murdoch’s sun that only shines on him?
Hubris to name them so, a small fox has more wisdom and beauty.

Today I fled ‘civilization’, racing through green fields
lush from late spring rain,
flooded rivers filling lakes where water birds nest,
pelican and black swan, ibis and duck.
Flocks of swallows dart across blue skies
and cockatoo in full yellow crest plays dare with a crow for seed.

At midday rain clouds gather leaving a rainbow in its wake.
Why are grey skies over green hills so beautiful?

Old homesteads and miner’s cottages with rose gardens
and windbreaks of cypress, driveways lined with elegant poplars.
I feel my grandmother here, the scent of quinces and lemon,
homes not painted fashionably black and land not for sale.

By evening I arrive at the coast where a heaving sea
crashes against the cliffs in the sacred marriage of earth and water.

The sun finishes the symphony of colour
turning the sky tangerine and pink and the ocean to mother of pearl.
Rays of light dazzle and blind as sun surrenders to the horizon.
A melting that reveals the moon and stars
granting you the experience of infinity.

Now that is Sky News, that is Sun News.


FRANCES GUERIN IS A CERAMICIST AND PAINTER, AND FORMER COUNSELLOR. SHE LIVES ON DJA DJA WURRUNG COUNTRY. Her studio is located outside the spa town of Daylesford in the Wombat State Forest. Her studio serves both her creative spirit and visitors who come for open studio visits, community exhibitions, and meditation practice. Her background in philosophy and transpersonal psychology lends itself to deep inquiry into human consciousness which informs and generates her prolific art practice.

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