Speaking through Glass: An Exhibition

Where: Centre for Theology & Ministry, Pilgrim Theological College, 29 College Crescent, Parkville.

When: 28 January – 1 April, 2021. M–F, 0900–1700.

A window. A garden. A bench. An Artist. A Poet. A passion … to hold this community in Scripture.

In the quaint suburb of Fairfield, stands a small church. With a large glass window.
Replacing the stained glass window with transparent glass was a conscious choice – to let the community see what happens inside.

Pearl Taylor, Emmanual, 2020. Gouache on paper.

An invitation. But what happens when nothing is happening inside?

During Melbourne’s COVID-19 lockdown, this thin sheet of glass became a liminal space for connection with the community.

In March 2020, a collaboration between lay preacher Nickie Williams, poet Kirsty Sangster, and artist Pearl Taylor formed, guided by the liturgical calendar and inspired by poetry. The words simmered for Pearl, resulting in a response artwork in the window. Helping people engage, feel connected, ponder, laugh, stay curious, and contemplate.

Pearl Taylor, Lit From Within, 2020. Lino carved block print on paper.

The Speaking through Glass exhibition captures this collaboration of community installations – from Lent to Advent. As we step back towards each other, the gallery experience walks you through a taste of how creativity can connect with a community to speak the values, wisdom, joy, and lamentation when the church doors were shut. Centered around artworks by Pearl Taylor, the body of work comprises of drawings, etchings, lino prints, paper cuttings, and paintings. Alongside this walkthrough is a display of Pearl’s pigeons, a growing body of work that discusses the hierarchy of purity and the relationship our culture has to the pigeon/dove dichotomy. Pearl asks us to see these humble creatures as the daily expression of the sacred and to reassess the essence of the divine. Juxtaposing the lofty white spiritual connotations with the lowly domestic everyday dweller, Pearl’s passion is in reclaiming the Paloma, the Columbidae, the pigeon, the dove.


Fairfield Uniting Church and all exhibition artists recognise the Wurundjeri people as the traditional owners of the land upon which this collaboration is taking place.

3 thoughts on “Speaking through Glass: An Exhibition

  1. Is this gallery exhibition available in a digital format?
    The commentary and works by Pearl Taylor are beautiful.

  2. Is this gallery exhibition available in a digital format? The commentary and artworks by Pearl Taylor are beautifully expressive.

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