3 thoughts on “Slave Ship Diagram

  1. Hi Jason,

    I enjoy receiving posts from you. However, this one has really perplexed me.

    Given the real historic content represented by the images, which is of course disturbing, it feels really weird to receive this with such a short bit of text and no context. To suggest tilting the head at these images to see other imagery just feels insensitive. I wonder if there is some commentary I am missing.

    Dr. Ara Parker


  2. Thank you, Ara, for the question. The tone is meant to be jarring. Of course we shouldn’t just tilt our heads and consider new perspectives on evil. That’s precisely the “rationality” that sustained the slave industry and still is at work around us at every turn.

    This poem came to me, and it horrified me when it did. And I think that’s the point, no? It’s not just about the inhumane abstractions that led to desecrating human beings, our own flesh and blood, but led us to do it with “coldblooded” businesslike efficiency.

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