Dying alone in the age of COVID-19

From her garden glowing with autumn colours, a neighbour tells me news from kin who work in emergency healthcare. The triaging will be grim. Another friend who is a hospital chaplain tells me that even now families cannot gather around dying relatives in ICU. This isolation extends beyond Coronavirus patients. Enforced absence strikes deep. Removing … Continue reading Dying alone in the age of COVID-19

Collects in a Time of Virus – III

God of Shadows, give shelter to hollow, shaken humans bewildered by sudden closure. Sturdy structures shattered, hopeful trade ended, meaningful work gone. In the shocking silence where nothing can be said, let birdsong be heard.   Collect by Julie Perrin, published with permission. Photograph by Ian Ferguson, published with permission. ℘℘℘℘ JULIE PERRIN IS A MELBOURNE … Continue reading Collects in a Time of Virus – III