Rosemary Valadon: A Sensual World

This documentary, which recently aired on the ABC’s Arts Channel, looks at the life, influences, and work of multi-award winning painter Rosemary Valadon. The artist explores a space for feminine self-actualisation as well as a distinctive spirituality. Valadon won the Blake Prize of Religious Art in 1991 with a work that drew criticism for its lush sensual nature. While offering a survey of her art practice, this beautifully-crafted film is framed by the seasonal changes evidenced in the place where she lives and works, the remote rural community of Hill End. This frames the influences on her life as she recounts the stories of her upbringing, her experiences as a mother, dealing with a diagnosis of breast cancer, and the joys of renewed success and interest in her work. It’s a delightful survey that evidences a rich and lived sense of spirituality.



Rod Pattenden is an artist, art historian, and theologian interested in the power of images. He lives and works on Awabakal and Worimi land.

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