3 thoughts on “Painting COVID-19

  1. Thankyou, Jason: Neil

    On Tue, Apr 28, 2020 at 10:36 AM Art/s and Theology Australia wrote:

    > Jason Goroncy posted: “The sprogs and I hit some canvases yesterday in our > homeschool art class. The task: paint COVID-19. Some results: [Reposted > from jasongoroncy.com] ℘℘℘℘ JASON GORONCY IS A THEOLOGIAN, ARTIST, AND > FOLK FESTIVAL TRAGIC WHO LIVES AND PLAYS ON WURUNDJER” >

  2. A personal, gentle response to “The Sprogs and I hit the canvases…”

    When I buried my little feline, my sanctuary and comfort,
    that big red flower, compassion between this old woman
    and that agile companion come about in one whole gesture,
    I offered to his rest, the flower petals spread on cold soil,
    the spiralling souls through rainbows into the great love –
    cats so love colour and movement –
    Bertolt Brecht had God ascending to heaven
    untouched by our plight
    yet at dusk, my red hands/heart
    farewell my dear embodiment of solace,
    his gentle soul embraced.

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